Awareness Every year in Ontario, more than 2,000 people have their lives enhanced or saved by tissue transplants. Some operations have to be delayed or cancelled since the need for tissue is far greater than the amount of donated tissue available. Your decision to donate tissue can change that by giving the gift of life.

One donor can provide tissue for as many as 75 recipients.

The following tissues are in high demand:


Donation of the corneas of a single donor can restore two person's eyesight through transplantation.


Skin allografts provide pain relief to severe burn victims and the promotion of skin restoration is initiated. Skin recovery from a single donor, can save the lives of up to two burn victims.


Bone allografts restore mobility for individuals requiring hip or knee replacement surgery. Grafts are also useful for reconstruction surgery following trauma, as well as to replace diseased bone. Overall, bone tissue from one donor can enhance the lives of up to 30 people.

Cardiovascular (CV) tissue

Heart valves and aorta from a single donor are used to save the lives of eight individuals. Heart valve allografts are used to replace a patient’s own damaged valves, while aorta is used in bypass surgery to repair defects in the heart’s vessels. Other CV tissue support vascular repair surgeries, help dialysis patients, or help patients who have undergone cardiac bypass surgery in the past.

Connective tissue

Connective tissue refers to the tendons and ligaments that join bone and muscle together. Fascia allografts can be used to correct incontinence in bladder surgery. Tendon allografts can be used to replace or repair damaged tendons in patients having joint replacement surgery, repair torn ligaments caused by car accidents or sports injuries, or they can be used in corneal transplant surgery to improve vision.