How to be a Donor

How Can I Become a Donor?

Any Ontario resident who is at least 16 years of age can register their consent to donate their tissue after their death. If you wish to become a tissue donor, obtain and sign a donor card and carry it with you. Most importantly, talk to your family about your decision to become a donor so they can help ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death.

Today, you can register your consent at an OHIP office (in Ontario) when you renew or register for your health card and/or driver's license. If you have the old red and white health card or have recently renewed your health card and did not consent to donate, you can go to the Trillium Gift of Life Network website at and download a Gift of Life Consent Form.

Registration forms are available at any OHIP office or through the Trillium Gift of Life Network's website at Here, registration forms can be printed out, filled out and mailed to an Information Processing Unit to confirm your willingness to donate. In the future, our hope is to have numerous outlets for Ontarians to register their tissue donation consent, including online registration.

When you register as a donor your consent is kept on file and is accessible with your health card. Even if you have consented to donate your tissue, it is your next-of-kin who makes the final decision, so be sure to discuss your wishes about donation with your family and loved ones.

In June 2011, Trillium Gift of Life Network, launched, a quick, easy and secure way for Ontarians to registe their consent to organ and tissur donation online.  Registration of one's wishes is an important first step to increasing organ and tissue transplants in the province, life-saving surgery for more than 1,500 people currently waiting.  You can now register online by visiting



Who Can Donate Tissue?

Just about anyone at any age can donate tissue. As long as tissue is healthy, it may be helpful to others. The oldest Canadian tissue donor was 102. And the fact that someone wears glasses has no bearing on whether corneas and eye tissue might be of benefit. Doctors and other transplant team professionals are in the best position to decide if tissue can or cannot be successfully used. But without your gift, the decision is made for them.