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Bob Stewart

Co-Owner/ Manager

Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Caribou Restaurant

+ Wine Bar

Bob's Story

I am both a donor and a recipient of the tissue donor system. Eleven years ago, when the pain in my hip from Legg Perthes disease had overwhelmed my everyday life, I received a hip replacement. At that time I donated the top of my femur to the local bone bank.  The pain was gone and I was able to resume my fast paced  and active life style.

Fast forward ten years and I needed surgery again, this time to repair a failed  ACL repair. I required a two stage knee rebuild that first involved a bone graft using donated bone and after that healed, an allograft to replace the ACL.  My knee is stable again and I am back to full speed in my active life.  This could not have happened without generous people making the tough but crucial decision to donate tissue  to help someone else.

I will never know the individuals who donated the tissue that gave me back my mobility but I often stop to think of them with deep gratitude as walk, work and play in my busy life.