Alexis Braun

Alexis Braun

Alexis Braun

Meet Alexis Braun,

This vibrant and beautiful young lady lives with her family here in Thunder Bay.

At 14 and in her first year of high school, Alexis was diagnosed with a disease that would require a kidney transplant to save her life. Three years later and by the grace of God, there was a kidney for Alexis!

For many months prior to the transplant, Alexis had to undergo 10 hours of dialysis every single day.  And while that wasn’t the life she had ever imagined, Alexis made the best of each and every day and fought hard to stay positive.

Now 18 months post-transplant, life has been handed back to her and Alexis is ready to take on the world again.  A difficult reality going forward is that Alexis will require one or more kidney transplants.  For that reason, her family hopes this story will cause readers to evaluate the importance of signing up to Be-A-Donor!  The gift of life is more precious to an organ/tissue recipient that you’ll ever know.

April is BeADonor Month and we are just so happy that Alexis is here to celebrate that with us.

Please, take the time to sign up for organ and tissue donation.  Unknowingly you may save or enhance a life, just like Alexis’.  Click this hyperlink to donate in Ontario Organ and tissue donor registration |

Homegrown stories like this give our team at RegenMed energy and passion to give our best every day. We feel blessed that our hard work makes a difference in people’s lives so they can live a normal lifestyle.