Moh Noroozi


Moh Noroozi

A graduate of Lakehead University, and long-time resident of Thunder Bay, Mohammad Noroozi (known by his friends and colleagues as Moh), knows what a gift it is to come to a job every morning where the mission is to bring the tissue for transplant to all patients in need.

Moh is a nerd at heart, a lifelong learner, and someone who is always fascinated by the science that underpins the work of regenerative medicine. He is always bringing fresh knowledge so that RegenMed tissue is the highest quality tissue available to clinicians across Canada.  When he’s not busy with that, he is also known for pulling elaborate pranks on unsuspecting coworkers from time to time.

With Moh leading the Quality team, RegenMed has managed to bring a culture of innovativeness, idea meritocracy, ambitious goal setting, and an unending optimism about what is possible with the efforts of a committed team.  The results have been spectacular and Moh is always reminding himself of what a privilege it is to be able to work in the field of Regenerative Medicine in Thunder Bay, and to work with the high performance team that RegenMed has.

Outside of work, Moh is passionate about swimming, being in nature, photography, reading, and volunteering.

And he’s just a NICE GUY!!